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A local group has recently transformed their local park by clubbing together and opening a new kiosk, serving drinks and snacks to children and their families. Read the summer edition of IslingtonLife to find out more.

Graham Street Park has recently had a makeover, and this inspired local residents Meg, Maria and Nikki to do their bit. “They made lots of changes to the park and I heard they wanted to set up a “Friends of” group, and I was really keen to get involved,” said Meg. “What we really wanted to do was set up a kiosk so parents could have hot drinks while their children played, and children could enjoy some cheap drinks and snacks too. Before, the space was just an unused hut in the middle of the park, so it was a bit of a dream of mine to see it up and running.”

With some help from the Local Initiative Fund, the kiosk is now open, and Maria is hoping that more people will now get involved. “The park has a lovely community feel and everyone can access it and get involved if they want to. We want everyone to feel a part of this so we ask them to donate items if they can’t donate time – everything people can do is helpful and worthwhile. We’re hoping that over time this will continue to grow and all local people will really feel a part of the park and the surrounding community.”

Meg added: “Doing this makes me really happy. It is so nice to do something with a clear purpose, that gives pleasure to people and you can see straight away the advantages. It’s also a great way to meet people, and we are all parents so we can actually bring our children along with us. It’s great for them to see us doing something so positive.”

To find out more about “Friends of” groups and how you can get involved, email

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