Bunhill Heat and Power

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The Bunhill Heat and Power Network, completed in 2013, connects over 850 homes and two leisure centres to cheaper, greener heat, reducing carbon emissions and fuel poverty.

The Bunhill Heat and Power Network has performed well over the past year and saved the housing department £87,000 this year. This saving will be passed on to tenants on the pooled system by reducing the impact of the recent 40 per cent increase in wholesale gas prices and to leaseholders through a reduction in their service charges connected to the network.  There has been a reduction in charging costs to tenants of 18 per cent in 2016/17 and it has been frozen in 2017/18.

Work is now underway on an innovative extension to the network – the first of its kind in Europe – that will capture waste heat from the tube to warm more homes and cut local energy bills.

We’re also installing a new control system which will allow its two energy centres to work with the national electricity grid, producing electricity when there is a shortage and using electricity when there is a surplus! This cutting edge technology will help the UK move towards having a greater proportion of renewable energy on the national grid.

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