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A local charity has been shortlisted for a £35,000 grant from NatWest’s Skills and Opportunities Fund for an innovative project that supports unemployed residents in Islington to start a micro business on a self-employed basis.

The Holloway Neighbourhood Group works as part of the Finsbury Park Employment Cluster to engage marginalised community groups with targeted employment initiatives. If funded, the scheme aims to engage with 75 local disadvantaged residents to develop the confidence, skills and networks needed to launch a business on a self-employed basis.

The NatWest Skills and Opportunities Fund has shortlisted this project based on the strength of the application. The decision about whether the project wins the grant is now in the hands of a public vote which opened on Friday 27 October and closes on Friday 10 November.

Lucy Bingham, Chief Executive of the Holloway Neighbourhood Group said: ‘We are really passionate about supporting people with multiple disadvantages into self-employment because we know it can transform the lives of those who go on to launch sustainable enterprises and those who use their new skills and confidence to enter the job market.’

You can support the bid to help Islington’s residents by clicking here, choosing the London region and voting for Holloway Neighbourhood Group. Your vote could transform lives.

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