Helping vulnerable residents

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We continue with our energy series looking at the different ways the council is making it cleaner and greener for residents. This time we’re focusing on SHINE, the Seasonal Health Intervention Network, which is a referral scheme for vulnerable residents.

SHINE is Islington’s one stop shop to help vulnerable people out of fuel poverty.

It brings together over 30 different services from energy and water bill discounts to air pollution alerts, from fire safety checks to heating and insulation works to help people keep safe, warm and well in their homes. The full list of services is available here.

When a vulnerable person is referred to SHINE rather than getting just the service they’ve contacted, they’re put in contact with all of the relevant services that can help them. A far more efficient way of making sure vulnerable residents get all of the help they need. SHINE has assisted nearly 14,000 households in Islington since 2010.

Read more about the new technologies Islington Council is using to make energy cheaper and greener here.

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