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A unique project is bringing art into people’s homes in Islington for free.

The Holloway Art Lending Library was created by Amy Dunnigan in 2014. Over the past two years it has become increasingly popular and now 28 artists are lending their work to residents across the borough.

“I used to do quite a bit of drawing and I ended up with lots of drawings. I thought there must be other people in this boat,” says Amy. “Some of the artists that we have don’t want to sell their pieces. Some do it for enjoyment and some spend more time on it and try to sell their work.”

The aim of the project is to promote professional artists’ work, encourage amateur artists and give people the opportunity to enjoy original art in their home or workplace.

Lending sessions take place quarterly and allow members to borrow one artwork for three months, free of charge. The next session takes place from Friday 9 to Sunday 11 December (10am-4pm).

It is a trust based project with no membership fees or commission charged, and since its launch all the pieces lent out have been returned safely.

It is free for artists to display and loan their work and free for people to borrow. “We’re trying to keep the costs down to a bare minimum so there’s not that barrier,” says Amy.

The collection is on permanent exhibit in Resource for London’s first floor gallery, between 10am-4pm daily (pictured above, art by Nora van den Berg)

To find out more visit www.artlending.org.uk

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