How Natasha creates a difference!

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Creative activities are a brilliant way to bring people together, develop new skills and even help improve your job prospects. As part of Islington’s bid to be the 2019 London Borough of Culture, we are on the lookout for local people like Natasha, who are up for sharing their talents with others. We can give you support and possibly even funding to get you’re your ideas off the ground!

Natasha is an artist living in Archway. Her artwork is inspired by two big influences in her life: her mixed Indian and British heritage, and her experiences of an illness she suffered from at a young age. Her artwork is inspired by the streets of Islington and India and the small details in everyday life that are often overlooked.

Sharing her artwork is very important to her, both to improve accessibility to the arts for everyone, and to help artists who work alone to feel like they belong to a community. “I want there to be more opportunities for artists to talk about their work with other people, I believe art can be a fantastic therapy. From my experience I know that this really helps confidence and that feeling of belonging and not feeling so alone and isolated,” she says.

We would love to hear from more people like Natasha. If you – or someone you know – could create a difference please check out this page.

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