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As an ambitious young woman growing up in Islington, Victoria Azubuike was keen to take every opportunity that came her way. She has now created a programme to help and inspire other young women, we find out more.

Why did you decide to set up the Us Programme, and what is She Who Leads?

Growing up as a young person in Islington who didn’t exactly the come from a wealthy family, mean’t that when it came to looking for opportunities, I had to go out there and get as many possible. I remember signing up for Islington Summer University every year and getting exciting as I made my way to a new course thinking about the new people I would meet and leaving with a whole bunch of new skills.

I created the Us Programme because I want to create the same opportunities for young females. I want to inspire, develop and get those who join “us” to learn how to break boundaries and achieve their goals. I want to give these young females a place where their voices will be heard and leave understanding that they can and will be our next future leaders.

She Who Leads is our first annual conference and this year’s event will consist of icebreakers, a panel discussion with females from different industries including law, medicine, media, business and finance sharing their secrets to success and finishing with networking opportunities among young people and professionals.

What sort of people should attend the conference?

This event is for any young woman living or studying in London between the ages of 14-21 and are seeking new ways to develop as a leader, professional or student! It’s a really excellent opportunity to learn from successful women in their industries; build networks with like-minded individuals whilst discovering what it takes to launch your own successful career.

What do you think makes Islington a special place? And what are your top tips for a great day out in the borough?

I guess it’s really just the number of opportunities out there for us young people. I have been able to serve as one of the first Youth Councillors, win the Young Voice Award and been fortunate enough to enjoy trip to the South of France with other young people like myself. But, nope of this would of ever been possible if I really didn’t go out and search for these chances to develop nothing ever fell on my lap.

In regards to my top tips on a great day out – I would say, be spontaneous and check out parks or streets you have never seen as you may discover a new places and facts you were never aware of! I like seeing those hidden gardens including Pens and Rosemary. The Clock Tower by Market Road is pretty awesome too.


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