Islington under occupation

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The BBC One series SS-GB, which hit our TV screens earlier this month, was partly filmed in Islington.

The mini-series is adapted from Len Deighton’s 1978 novel in which Great Britain has surrendered and German forces patrol London’s streets.

It follows London police Detective Superintendent Douglas Archer, played by Sam Riley, who is investigating a murder that attracts the attention of the German authorities as well as the Resistance.

In October 2015, Islington’s St John Street hosted almost 100 extras in and outside the Farmiloe Building which was playing a chaotic, over-crowded detention camp.

The House of Detention on Sans Walk became the Little Wittenham Detention Camp’s Issuing Department and the Jerusalem Tavern on Britton Street played the interior of the Two Brewers Pub.

FilmFixer director Karen Everett praised the production for its responsibility and sensitivity when filming.

“Given how uncomfortable many of these scenes are to watch, it took great dedication to detail to protect Londoners throughout this shoot,” she says.

“Any Nazi regalia used during filming was behind walls and screens – unseen by locals. The production also made sure Met police were on hand to reassure the public, if need be.

“And the many replica rifles used required a licensed armourer on location – ensuring the guns were checked in and checked out safely. It was a big undertaking by the BBC and we’re enjoying watching it on the small screen.”

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