Islington’s lost trades

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Did you once work in an industry in Islington that no longer exists? Are you over 55 and would like to develop oral history interview and recording skills?

Age UK Islington is about to embark on an exciting Heritage Lottery Funded project, Lost Trades of Islington, which partners with London Metropolitan University and Islington Heritage Service and will record the memories of those who worked in industries that are no longer common or exist in Islington today.

Islington has been home to many industries over time which are now largely gone – from the breweries, distilleries, printers, jewellers and clockmakers in the south of the borough, to the foundries, dairies and wall-paper manufacturers in the north. These varied and skilled professions provided a livelihood for many of Islington’s residents, most of whom lived nearby their workplace, and helped to build strong ties and community cohesion.

The project is seeking people who used to work in a profession or work place in Islington that might not exist anymore, to share their stories about the industry they worked in and their working life.

The project is also looking for volunteers aged 55 and over to work alongside London Metropolitan University students, who will be trained in oral history interview and recording techniques and archival research during the autumn/winter 2017/18 term.

Working in teams, the volunteers and students will record the oral histories of the various contributors and help produce the final podcasts and books which will be available both digitally and in hardcopy.

At the end of the project the oral histories will be used in an outreach programme at the Drovers Activity Centre to inspire poetry, art and photography with their service users. The final oral histories and transcripts will also be lodged with Islington Heritage Service for their long term preservation and to allow public access to them.

If you are interested in being a contributor or volunteer, please contact Andrea at Age UK Islington on 0207 607 7701

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