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In 2012 Islington became one of the first councils in the country to become a London Living Wage employer. There are now are 118 accredited employers in the borough and this number continues to grow.

Dan Lloyd, owner of ‘The Frame Factory’, found out about the London Living Wage when he first took over the local business last year. He started researching pay and conditions for his staff and quickly realised that the minimum legal amount was not enough to live on. He instead opted to pay the Living Wage, which has just been raised to £10.20 an hour and takes into account the true cost of living.

He can now be confident that: “Even the most junior staff can make rent payments and, with a bit of prudence, have enough money to socialise”. However, the benefits of paying the Living Wage are not limited to employees. Dan observes that: “If you pay people properly they are more likely to feel valued and therefore motivated at work”.

Islington Council has launched a Business Ambassador Scheme, this recruits businesses who are willing to encourage and support others in the borough to become London Living Wage employers. Dan has signed up as an ambassador. He says:

“I think that it is really important to champion this issue. Increasing wages may feel risky, especially for a small business, but we have a duty to pay people enough to live on and there are real benefits for the employer as well”.

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