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Local residents have moved into a newly built council homes for over 55s on the Dover Court Estate – just in time for Christmas.

Islington Council has embarked on a massive home building programme to deliver decent, safe and genuinely affordable homes for all. So far, it has delivered more than 2,400 new genuinely affordable homes for Islington residents, including 1,645 for social rent.

Born and bred in Islington, Derek Marjoram is a long-term resident of Dover Court Estate. Derek recently moved into New Romford House, and is very happy with his new home.

“This flat is amazing in itself. It looks like a normal living quarters but if you look around it’s built for disabled people,” he says. “You have wide passages, wide entrances. You have a sink that lowers up and down. It has a cooking hob that also moves up and down, which allows disabled people to be able to cook their own meals in safety.

“The bathroom has been adapted for me. It is in fact a wet-room, built so that you can just wheel yourself in there. It’s amazing the thought that’s gone into it.

“I have all of the facilities here I need to live independently, in safety, which is very reassuring.”


Mary Robson, who has also moved into New Romford House, says: “It was very important for me to stay in the area. I have friends close by, it’s not too far for my family to drive over
and I’m close to my family church.

“It means a lot to be in my new home for Christmas. My son is coming down from Bristol, to share Christmas with me. My youngest son and his partner will come over for Christmas day. There’ll be lots of decorations – I’m quite good at decorating. Boxing day, I always have a lot of friends around.

“And yes, I’m really looking forward to it!”

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