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Children and families in Islington are turning the roads outside their homes into temporary play streets, and you can too!

Play streets give local children a safe and secure environment to play outdoors in the street near their home for a few hours. There are 14 play streets in Islington, including Prah Road in N4, which started in May.

Nicola Baird helped set up the regular event in Prah Road with the help of local families. She said: “Some neighbours made the application to the council back in March to turn Prah Road into a dedicated play street every third Sunday from May until October. Now we have fab signs at the end of the road making it look really official.

“It’s a great way to let the kids let off steam outside, meet neighbours and get to know the community better. I’d recommend other streets have a go doing this.”

The next Prah Road play street will be on 21 October from 2-5pm.

Find out more about play streets here

(Photo credit: Nicola Baird)

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