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Over the past few weeks we’ve been blogging about some the exciting schemes and cutting edge technologies the council is using to bring cheaper and greener energy to local people and businesses.

The Energy Advice Service helped more than 6,000 Islington residents last year to reduce their energy bills by switching energy suppliers (which can save you about £200 per year), installing energy saving measures and getting energy grants, such as the Warm Home Discount which is worth £140 a year. They also helped 1,200 people access water bill discounts and gave advice on how to reduce their water bills. If you need any energy advice please visit the website.

We’ve also got blogs on how we’re helping vulnerable residents with schemes such as SHINE, the council’s one-top-energy-shop for vulnerable residents, and the Energy Dr who installs low cost measures to lower energy bills.

You can also find out how we’re using ground breaking technology in projects like Bunhill Heat and Power Network which is going to use heat from the tube to local homes, the Q-bot, Islington’s insulation robot, our solar battery storage pilot scheme and how we’re upgrading heating controls on the Redbrick Estate to help residents take more control of their heating.

We’re also going to have blogs shortly on our Energy Community Fund and Energising Small Businesses Fund which are there to support the local community reduce their energy use.

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