Summerversity’s First Aid Heroes!

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  • Feb

Keeping calm in an emergency, knowing when to take the right action at the right time and dealing with minor scrapes and bumps were just some of the new skills young residents learned during the Summerversity First Aid for Heroes course.

St Mary’s Youth Club saw over 34 13-24 year old’s take take part in the free course and learn some valuable life skills.

“The young people who took part can now respond quickly and confidently if the need arises. It’s great to know so many young people are now equipped with practical first aid skills.”

– Sally Baxter, Youth Worker

Marla Mbemba, pictured far right, told IslingtonLife why she took part in the course.

“I think knowing first aid is really important. It’s something that everyone should know.

The atmosphere during the course was friendly and relaxed.”

Islington’s Deputy Young Mayor, Tega Agbede, also signed up for the course, he said:

“I normally take part in sports, but this time I chose to do something more academic and learn first aid skills. So in the event of someone injuring themselves, I’ll know what to do. It’s a life skill which a lot of young people don’t have.”

Visit the Summerversity and Launchpad pages on Islington Council’s website to see what activities are on for young people this Summer.

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