Tackling air pollution

  • 22
  • Feb

Air quality in London is amongst the worst in Europe. Poor air quality impacts health; especially among the young, elderly or those with health conditions and is estimated to cause 9,500 premature deaths a year in London.

Islington is working to reduce air pollution across the borough and is pleased to announce it has secured funding for two new exciting projects; the Archway Zero Emissions Network (ZEN) and City Fringe Low Emissions Neighbourhood (LEN).

These schemes will build on the success of the award winning City Fringe ZEN, where 800 businesses over three boroughs are working together to improve air quality while reducing energy and transport costs.

Archway ZEN will see an expansion of this scheme to Archway while City Fringe LEN will build on the existing scheme to create a superb urban environment and measureable reduction in air pollution.

Measures include increased infrastructure for low emission vehicles, safer cycling, managed business deliveries and support for staff and customers of local business’ to decrease air pollution.

To find out more or get involved email pollution@islington.gov.uk

Archway businesses can register here for the ZEN scheme

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