Take summer to the next level

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  • Aug

By Deputy Young Mayor Tega Agbede  

As a young person and in my role as Deputy Young Mayor I am looking forward to the summer after a busy few months of revision and exams.

Summer is your first big break from school or college, and you should take the stage to shine. The opportunities you can take up during this time can be defining moments which could shape your life and open your eyes to new horizons.

I currently play basketball and this summer I am looking forward to working on my game so that I will be able to play in a national league.

I took part in Summervesity last summer and it gave me the freedom to explore new activities without the fear of judgement. Also I did track and cross county through Access to Sports.

This year I also look forward to trying some of the activities on offer through Launchpad and I encourage you all to get involved too!

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