We love our markets: Wendy Watts

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Islington’s markets are hubs of our communities and a great place to meet people and shop. During Love Your Local Market, from 17-23 May, we highlight some of our fabulous street traders. Meet Wendy…

Wendy has been a regular in Chapel Market for 35 years. She started her stall with just £300 and a table of clutch bags and now sells every kind of bag and item of luggage imaginable.

“I got into bags because I had friends that had bag factories so I would go in the evening and help make bags, and that’s how it started,” she says.

“My daughter was young at the time and I wanted a job that was flexible. I’ve fitted this job around my life and I prefer this kind of work. I love the summer.

“I love the people in Chapel Market and it’s nice, you’re free. If you wake up in the morning and it’s pouring down, you don’t have to come. You are your own boss.

“My family are all in business, it’s something that my grandparents did. Everybody’s always been a trader. It’s just in my blood.”

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Love Your Local Market 2019 is taking place from 17-23 May with the theme ‘markets close to your heart’.

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