Aunty by Company Three

  • 24
  • Oct

Every Voice, Islington’s race equality forum, in partnership with Company Three are showing ‘Aunty’, a new play exploring the relationships between black girls and older black women.

This fun, brave and loving play is an attempt to unpick what ‘Aunty’ really means, to find her in all her complexities and truths and to have the conversations we never have. It has been created and performed by teenage girls from Company Three with the director Maa-Yarkor Addo.

When: Tuesday 17 October, evening
Where: St. Mary’s Youth Club Upper St, London N1 2TX
Contact: Despina Tsiakalou for more information

Read more about Black History Month in this interview with Mona Bani from Every Voice, an Islington forum promoting All World History All Year Round

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