Cloudesley – Cattle, Churches and Charity

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During 2017/18, the Islington based charitable trust, Cloudesley is commemorating the 500th anniversary of Richard Cloudesley’s bequest.

To mark the anniversary, the charity has commissioned Clerkenwell & Islington Guides Association (CIGA) to develop a guided walk.  The walk, Cloudesley – Cattle, Churches and Charity, is being offered free of charge at least three times during the anniversary year, with the first two dates set for Saturday 28 October and Saturday 4 November, from 11am-1pm. 

The walk gives a fascinating insight into Richard Cloudesley and his bequest; the urbanisation of Islington and, in particular, the development of the Cloudesley Estate; and the changing ways in which the income from Richard Cloudesley’s two ‘stony fields’ has been used to support Islington over the past 500 years.

Register your place for Saturday 28 October

Register your place for Saturday 4 November

For information on Richard Cloudesley’s legacy, the charity’s history and its current grant-making, visit its website

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