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Little Angel Theatre invites young people aged 13-16 to join its new Youth Board.

On the board you will explore Little Angel Theatre – who it is and what it does across all of the departments, paying particular attention to the roles that young people may not know about or have encountered previously. You will hear first-hand from the people currently in the roles as well as trying out aspects of this job in both hypothetical and real life situations.

In addition, Youth Board members will have the opportunity to implement some of the skills/work areas that they are most interested in. This may be by planning a workshop or event; contributing to real Little Angel outputs, or working to devise or create your own piece of work.

Running throughout the programme, the theatre will work with you in each session to get you arts work ready. Part of this will involve preparing you to achieve Arts Award accreditation, and also preparing you for employment through practical skill acquisition such as CV writing, work experience but also interpersonal and interview skills.

Your responsibilities

  • Attendance at Youth Board meetings once each half term
  • Representing Little Angel Theatre at selected performances and workshops
  • Assisting select Little Angel Theatre events and workshops
  • Completion of Arts Award related paperwork and log of sessions
  • Supplying feedback and opinions to Little Angel staff team on project
  • Contribution to Youth Blog
  • Contribution to Youth Board planned events and activities


  • Insight into different theatre jobs and careers
  • Training opportunities and career guidance
  • Access to Little Angel Shows and Workshops
  • Mentoring/regular guidance and development reviews with a member of staff to ensure everything is going well
  • Practical hands-on experience of work
  • CV and employability support
  • Easily transferable skills for work

We hope that by the end of your time on the board you will have an increased knowledge of theatre careers, real life work experience, and improved professional communicative skills. We will support you as you work towards achieving an Arts Award Bronze, Silver or Gold, and will provide you with resources to plan your own event/project for Little Angel.

Requirements for the Youth Board

  • Aged between 13-16
  • Live or study in Islington
  • Demonstrable passion for performing arts or art/design
  • Awareness of puppetry on stage, on TV/film, online
  • Effective team worker
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills
  • A friendly and approachable manner

If you are interested in applying please come along to the Open day on Wednesday 18th April 4.30-6pm at Little Angel Theatre.

Application Deadline: 22nd April

Commencement Date: 10th May 2018 to November 2019.

Meetings are once every half term, with other various dates throughout your time on the board

A meet the applicants session will be held on 30th April.

Applications can be found here.

More information on the Youth Board and the company can be found here.

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