The London Firewalk challenge

  • 24
  • Oct

Could you walk on fire for a good cause?  Take part in the ultimate challenge that will test your bravery and courage.

Achieve the impossible by walking across 20 feet of hot coals, supported by top experts in a safe environment.

Disabled children’s charity, KIDS, is hosting the London Firewalk to raise funds for Hayward Adventure Playground in Islington and three more playgrounds across London.

When: Thursday 2 November, 6.30pm-9.30pm

Where: KIDS Hayward Adventure Playground, 15 Market Rd, London N7 9PL

You can take part individually or as part of a team. To register it costs £30 per person or £100 for a team of 5.

Visit the KIDS website for more details.

All funds raised will go towards supporting the Adventure Playgrounds which provide a safe and thriving environment for disabled children and young people. £150 enables 8 children to attend an after-school club at one of KIDS’ playgrounds.

Get involved, spread the word and support the cause!

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