Up Against It: Islington 1967

  • 24
  • Oct

Up Against It: Islington 1967 at Islington Museum from Saturday 22 July to Saturday 21 October explores the lives of well-known members of the local gay community before and after, as well as the effects of, the passing of the Sexual Offences Act on 27 July that year. It also commemorates the 50th anniversary of the tragic deaths of Islington’s most (in)famous gay couple, playwright Joe Orton and his partner and collage artist Kenneth Halliwell, two weeks later on 9 August.

At the time of his murder by Halliwell, Orton was working on a screenplay for The Beatles called Up Against It, a title that reflects the challenges for the LGBT community up to the present day.

Collaged public library book covers created by Halliwell and Orton between 1959 and 1962, a Halliwell collage and the artist’s newly acquired World of Cats screen will be on display together for the first time.

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