5 reasons why you should volunteer with FoodCycle

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Do you want to give something back to the community or make new friends in Islington? Volunteering with FoodCycle Islington, the local branch of the national charity that turns surplus food into tasty meals for those in need, could be the answer.

Last month we spoke to CEO Mary McGrath about the great work done by Project Leaders in the borough. Here, five local guests who visit FoodCycle Islington each week explain why you should volunteer and get involved.

  1. Help feed people in need

“This is what my body needs because my immune system is low. Coming here now I’m getting all the vitamins and I’m really thankful. You’re all kind to do this for us, I love vegetables and I love salads and things.” Theresa

  1. Make new friendships

“I love coming here because it’s quiet, it’s fun and you get to talk to different people. So many different people and it’s like you lot, you’re all different. I get to know you and I enjoy that.” Dean

  1. Get creative in the kitchen

“This is the best dish I’ve had in here: the roast vegetables, they’re very, very nice. It’s the first time I’ve tasted roast beetroot. The way things are mixed together, the broccoli with lemon, it’s very nice.” Maria

  1. Support people struggling with mental health

“The people that are here, they are indescribably for me, uplifting… it is really real and so vital. It gives me a lift” Sean

  1. Give something back to your community

“It’s very good of them to do that for us. It’s very good, they’re very good cooks as well!” Susie

Fancy getting involved? Join FoodCycle Islington’s team of Project Leaders by emailing Robyn

For more information, visit the Islington Hub website

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