A clean sweep

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From Monday, 4 June, residents will have their own dedicated neighbourhood street sweeper who visits their street up to five times a week.

The council is committed to making Islington a cleaner place to live. Neighbourhood sweepers will now follow the same routes as the recycling and refuse collection rounds, to clear up anything that may have been missed or spilled within hours of collection. Every sweeper has a mobile phone to report fly-tips and other issues to colleagues straight away. They also have separate rubbish and recycling bins on their barrows to increase recycling rates.

Main roads will still be deep-cleaned every single day, but the redesign means fewer vehicles will need to be used overall, cutting down on carbon emissions and air pollution. And the vehicle fleet is getting even greener! The council will shortly be launching a street sweeping vehicle and three brand new refuse and recycling trucks that run on compressed natural gas to reduce emissions and improve its carbon footprint as diesel and petrol vehicles begin to be phased out from the fleet.

There are three graffiti removal teams and two extra pavement pressure washers, to help keep the main roads even cleaner. This is in addition to the six existing mechanical pavement sweepers and three road channel mechanical sweepers.

The council would love to hear what you think of the new service. Please get in touch via my e-account, Contact Islington or the Clean Streets App.

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