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Islington In Bloom, the borough’s annual gardening competition closes at the end of this month. We spoke to Nicola Freshwater from King Henry’s Walk Garden, which won Best Community Garden last year, about what they do and why they get involved.

“King Henry’s Walk Garden has entered the Islington in Bloom competition since 2008, and we’re delighted to have regularly been placed among the top three of Islington’s community gardens, winning the category at least four times.

“Unlike a private garden, a community garden isn’t the creation of just one or two people, but is a multi-layered project, the product of efforts made by many different groups and individuals.

“We make a garden because we love to grow plants and we care about wildlife and biodiversity, but a community garden is much more than that: we provide a space where local people can grow their own produce, where school children can experience the joys of learning outside the classroom, adults can try their hand at different workshops, and all members of the local community can join in at events that provide fun for all the family.

“We don’t garden to win awards, but when we do receive one, it’s recognition of everyone’s hard work, and it’s good to know that Islington values what we do.

“Of course private gardens can also improve the environment for everyone, and it’s a great source of pleasure to walk past a front garden that’s full of plants rather than dustbins.

“Why not try entering your own garden into Islington in Bloom, and encourage your neighbours to do the same? You never know – you might do better than you expect!”

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