A warm welcome from Akeel

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  • Aug

Akeel Ahmed, Islington Council’s new Head of Adult Community Learning (ACL), shares his views.

“I joined the council in May and over the last few months I have seen some excellent teaching and learning in community centres, children’s centres and libraries.

“Residents have taken great pride in sharing their achievements, how their confidence has grown and how their teachers have supported them to do what they thought was impossible.

“This is an exciting period for adult learning in Islington. We have reviewed our curriculum and are putting on a range of family learning, digital and vocational courses. We have also recently moved into our brand new learning centre, located within the recently refurbished Central Library.

“So, whether you are looking to brush up your skills, start up your own business, get into a vocational occupation or spend a creative morning or afternoon with the family, have a look at what ACL has to offer.”

For more information, visit www.adultlearning.islington.gov.uk or call 020 7704 4500.

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