Adoption brought us a wonderful son, and a whole new family

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Becoming an adoptive parent is probably one of the most rewarding things you can do, it’s also about fulfilling your desire to be a parent and being ready to change your life, for all the good reasons. Errol, an Islington Council employee and his wife Angela decided to take that step – almost seven years ago. Today, they still encourage families, just like theirs to think if they could offer a child a much needed forever home. Errol tells us more.

“When we started our journey, yes, of course, we weighed up our options; we discussed every aspect of it. We researched and we heard the good and not so good stories, and we understood that everyone’s experience is different. We knew Angela’s sister was in the process of adopting a little girl, and that helped everything just fall into place.

“The adoption process does go into depth, our social worker needed to get to know us, so she could identify the child whose needs we could best meet. Yes, she asked us about our early life, our families and stuff that might be unresolved from our pasts, and that’s OK, she just needed to know where we were at now, and how we could move forward.  We always kept in mind our end goal – to be parents.

“Fast-forward with Daniel, now eight years-old, our son is very much our life. He is so loving and I can’t imagine life without him. I have become a very fit dad as Dan is a very keen footballer and I’m now a regular linesman/coach with the team! Dan enjoys the ‘away’ games especially, as he loves to read – all the way there, and back!

“Life is so much more than I ever expected, we are a busy household, even now during the COVID-19 isolation. We coordinate working at home, school work at home, Zoom with his classmates, daily exercise and Joe Wicks! We take it all in our stride, and do the best we can, taking each day at a time.

“One of the most amazing things about us is the ‘new’ family we have gained. Just before Daniel came to live with us, we met his birth mum’s parents, something the social workers encourage. It was incredibly emotional, a day that must have been so sad; full of regret and uncertainty for them. I remember Dan’s grandmother, through the tears whispering to me ‘thank you’.  Her words gave us ‘permission’ to love and care for her grandchild.

“After the recommended 12 months, we were able to write to them and they wrote back – all via our social worker. After a further period, and an assessment of our circumstances, we were able to reintroduce Dan to his grandparents in person. Another hugely emotional day. Now we all meet occasionally. Dan has a sister, also adopted and we meet with their family too.

“Last year we all travelled to Antigua – together! We visited his grandmother’s birthplace, with all the history and family background, so the children know their roots. With the sun, sea and sand, it was just perfect. Months later while at parents evening at school, I saw that Dan had written a story titled ‘The Best Time of My Life’. He had written about Antigua with his grandparents, his sister and us, his mum and dad.”

Becoming a parent through adoption has amazing rewards; it can also have its challenges. The children waiting for adoption have experienced trauma in their early life. With the help and support of professionals and their adoptive parents, their lives can be transformed. Professional support from Adopt London North is available for all families before, during and after adoption.

Please contact Islington’s adoption team, part of Adopt London North, if you are interested in adoption, and like Errol and Angela, you can become the parents you have always wanted to be.

Call 020 7527 4777 or email

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