Anti Bullying Week winners

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‘Respect’ goes out to Year 7 students from Arts and Media Islington Secondary school (AMSI) who have won Islington’s Anti Bullying Week competition for schools.

The students produced their own version of the News at Ten on the theme ‘Choose Respect’ using Aretha Franklin’s song ‘Respect’ as inspiration. Watch their video here!

Heather Vaccianna said: “A huge round of applause to the Year 7 students at AMSI for their fantastic entry for this year’s borough-wide creative competition. The students created a really entertaining piece that was fun to watch whilst reminding us of the serious impact of bullying and the importance of treating each other with respect to prevent it happening – well done!!”


The competition was open to all primary and secondary schools in Islington as part of Anti Bullying Week, which took place from 12-16 November.

Students had to produce a creative presentation, no longer than five minutes, using any medium they liked, such as poetry, dance, art or media, and there were some excellent entries.

Congratulations to the winners and well done to everyone who took part. Together we can stop bullying!

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