Between the Lines

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Residents of the Girdlestone estate were invited to watch the wartime play ‘Between the Lines’ last week. The one-man play, performed at the Girdlestone Community Centre in Archway, will be showing throughout the borough in the coming months, for local residents to see.

Written and performed by Simon de Deney and directed by Doctor Who’s David Banks, the play is about the First World War, where a gardener working in an old war cemetery tells the story of “the boy who loved the war,” unraveling a 100-year mystery.

It has previously been shown at Park Theatre.

The performance at the Girdlestone Community Centre was free for residents living on the estate. Local resident, Helga, was very touched by the performance as it bought back her own memories of the Second World War.

Helga said: “The portrayal was spot on. It was absolutely brilliant. I’m German, I met my husband whilst he was serving in Germany. He was British. We were married for 60 years.”

Want to know when and where the next performance is taking place?

Email Community Development Officer, Liza Durrant for information.

Tickets are free for residents who live on the estates where the play is being performed. There is a £12 cost for non estate residents.

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