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A beautifully planted tree pit can be an amazing sight, but it’s important to ensure you are keeping the tree healthy too. If you’d like to voluntarily plant and/or maintain a tree pit to brighten up your street, you can find out more here. We’ve also collected some top tips from expert gardeners in the borough on how you can help.

Avoid planting climbers and woody perennials that will compete with the tree for water and nutrients.

Don’t raise the soil level around the tree stem as this could potentially damage the health of the tree, and if you decide to put an edge around the pit, please use ‘soft materials’ like wood, rather than slate or metal with sharp edges.

When you water the plants, don’t forget to give the tree a drink too! Trees get very thirsty so pour water down the black watering tube for best results.

Lastly, remember to keep yourself safe when working on the Highway – wear a high vis vest, work in pairs and never walk in the road!

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