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Clean Air Day is Thursday 20 June and this year Islington Council is working with primary schools to get the air pollution message out there.

All schools are encouraged to hold a Walk to School day, include air pollution in lessons and make a Clean Air Plan.

Clean Air Day is all about educating everyone on what we can all do to reduce our pollution and our exposure to pollution, whether it’s out and about or in our own homes. For more information about what you can do, visit the Clean Air Day website.

The council is holding two events to celebrate.

Moreland Street will be closed to traffic from 8am to 6pm and a ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held between 9am and 10am to launch this newly transformed street. The official ribbon cutting is scheduled for 9.15am and is open to all.

Moreland Street has recently been transformed into a safer, healthier and greener street for pedestrian and children. The road has been narrowed with traffic calming features to reduce vehicles speeds which helps to tackle air pollution. The footpath has been widened to encourage people to walk and is a more pleasant street for children to travel to school on foot.

It has created a child-friendly theme, especially outside Moreland Primary School, by installing coloured street furniture and circles on the road. Planters have also been installed to make the environment greener.

At Hargrave Park Primary there will be a week of interventions to help increase pollution knowledge and encourage more active travel to school, avoiding pollution on the way.

After school on Thursday 20 June there will be celebrations at a Play Street at the top of Hargrave Park from 3.30-6pm. This is free and open to everyone so come along and play on a street free of traffic and pollution!


If you want to do something to celebrate, download Clean Air Day’s community resource kit for free here.

Islington Council’s new Air Quality Consultation is out now for you to read and respond to. You can find it here.

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