Clidive Scuba Club celebrates 50 years of diving

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This friendly Islington club based at Ironmonger Row Baths is part of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) and is one of the most active clubs in the country for both training and diving. Set up in 1969, a lot has changed in its 50 years. 

“Back in 1969 if you wanted to learn to dive you would have to sign up in September and it would take weekly training till the following summer before you got to dive in open water,” says Chris Wilson, Diving Officer.  

“Nowadays people can learn to dive in just a week on their holidays. We still take teaching diving at entry level relatively slowly, with eight evening sessions followed by a weekend on the coast. 

Anyone is welcome to join Clidive and the club offers diving courses and trips to dive sites around the UK and abroad – for its 50th year celebrations 80 days of reef and wreck diving has been organised including to the Red Sea and the Mediterranean! 

“We are just back from a poignant expedition to Normandy to dive the wrecks of the D-Day landings during the 75th anniversary,” said Chris. “We have also been to St Abbs where some members were lucky enough to see a Minke whale swimming past while they were underwater. 

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