Dementia Action Week

Mayor of Islington

Dementia Action Week takes place from 17 to 23 May this year and sees the UK public taking action to improve the lives of people affected by dementia. It unites individuals, workplaces and the wider community to take action and improve the lives of people living with dementia.

Dementia Friendly Islington

Islington is recognised by Alzheimer’s Society as a community working towards becoming dementia-friendly, to help support people living with dementia.

About 1,500 people in Islington live with dementia, which is caused by a number of diseases that affect the brain. Dementia may include symptoms of memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language.

As part of Dementia Friendly Islington, Islington Council have set up a new Dementia Awareness Website. Here we will keep you up to date on the work our community partners are doing and what dementia friendly activities are taking place.

What’s happening this week?

Saturday 15 May – StAn’s Café

  • Stan’s Café is a Dementia Inclusive Café usually serving tea, coffee and homemade cakes and biscuits at the historical St Andrew’s Church, Thornhill Square, N1 1BQ. During Covid-19, they have been running virtual Café sessions.
  • For Dementia Action Week, they are running a Special Café.
  • Join on Zoom

Tuesday 18 May – Singing for the Brain

  • Singing for the Brain brings people affected by dementia together to sing a variety of songs they know and love, in a fun and friendly environment. We also do fun vocal exercises that help improve brain activity and well-being.
  • To register contact: / 07484089543

Thursday 20 May – Dementia Friendly “Health & History” Caledonian Park Walk

Friday 21 May – Islington Memory Service

  • This service is for Islington residents who are concerned about their memory, after an initial discussion with their GP. They generally treat people who are over 65 years of age but we can also see younger patients in certain circumstances. They offer assessment and potential treatment together with advice and support.
  • They are offering a Virtual Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Workshop on Friday from 1pm to 2pm. Please go along if you’re interested.
  • For more information please visit the Islington Memory Service

Become a Dementia Friend:

A Dementia Friend is somebody that learns about dementia so they can help their community.

Too many people affected by dementia feel that society fails to understand the condition they live with. Dementia Friends help by raising awareness and understanding, so that people living with dementia can continue to live in the way they want.

Dementia Friends help people living with dementia by taking actions – both big and small.

These actions don’t have to be time-consuming. From visiting someone you know with dementia to being more patient in a shop queue, every action counts! Dementia Friends can also get involved with things like volunteering, campaigning or wearing a badge to raise awareness.

If you are interested in becoming a Dementia Friend you can watch a 5 minute video or sign up to attend a Free Dementia Friends Session which explains how it works.


Islington Libraries Carers Collection and Reading Well have a number of recommended books on dementia.

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