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Ever wondered what a digital skills course can offer? We asked course tutor Sharon Hall to tell us more…

What does ‘digital skills’ mean and why are the council’s Adult Community Learning (ACL) team running these types of courses?

Digital skills means being able use technology effectively, whether it be at home or at work. You would be surprised how much digital skills you already use without even realising it: taking and sending pictures on a smart phone, texting or sending WhatsApp messages, transferring money to a friend using your mobile phone or just surfing the internet for information or that YouTube video of your favourite musician.

What different digital skills courses do ACL run?

We offer a range of courses that could help you to improve your digital skills. We offer Computers for Beginners for people with very little or no previous experience with computers. For people who are a bit more advances, we have courses that cover the majority of Microsoft Office applications and our mobile device/tablet course Web Design courses are proving popular.

How are the classes taught? Do I need any previous experience?

Our classes are friendly, relaxed, welcoming, rewarding and a safe place to learn. Once you start learning with us, you won’t stop. There are various qualifications that you can take, starting at entry three through to Level 2. We also have a non-accredited course where you do not get a recognised qualification, but you gain valuable Digital Skills experience and have fun whilst learning.

How have these courses helped learners in the past?

Many learners have gone on to full-time employment or higher education.

What makes Islington Council ACL a great choice for learners?

The councils ACL is a great choice for learners – we run small, cosy sessions, in a safe environment with tutors that love their jobs and see the benefits of their teaching when learners evolve and succeed. You can always see the change in learners, in their confidence, in their willingness to interact and in their outlook and future aspiration.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How long have you been with Islington ACL? What is your job role? What do you love most about your job?

I have been working for ACL for almost 15 years, I class myself as an Islington lifer – meaning I was born in and live in the borough and I have no intensions of leaving Islington anytime soon.

I love my job because I am able to meet the wonderful residents that we serve. I look forward to coming to work and supporting learners with their goals whatever that may be.

Find out more about ACL courses here.

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