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So you think you’ve tried everything possible to get fit? What about hula hooping?

Yes, Islington’s very own hula hooper Carla Rose, also known as CaHula, is starting a new six week beginner’s course at the Whittington Park Community Association on Monday, 9 January from 7-8pm. This is alongside her regular Wednesday night class at the Hugh Cubbit Centre in N1.

Here she explains more.

“I get all sorts of people coming to my classes. People from all communities, ages and both men and women. In my adult classes the age range goes from 18-80+!

“Hula hooping seems to be most popular with women in their 20s-30s who are looking for exercise and to learn a new skill/hobby and also meet new people (the hula hooping community is incredibly friendly). I also have a lot of women in their 40s and 50s who use it as fun form of regular exercise and find hooping brilliant for keeping fit. Although I would like more male hula hoopers – some of the best hula hoopers I know are men.

“Once at one of my workshops I had an 83 year-old Italian lady hooping with me! She had hooped as a child and wondered if she could still keep the hoop going and amazingly she was there hooping longer than anyone else!

“I have also run children’s hooping workshops, aging from 5-16. Children are the best hoopers. They will try anything you say with no fear and they learn so quickly! However, children below the age of four haven’t quite yet developed the co-ordination skills you need to keep the hoop spinning.

“Anyone can do it! I find a lot of people will watch me and then when I offer them a hula hoop they say “I can’t do that”. I always say: “Yes you can, I’ll teach you, don’t be scared, it’s just a plastic circle!” All you need is a few good instructions and then it’s just practise.

“As soon as someone starts spinning the hoop, they start smiling. It’s amazing how much joy a hula hoop can bring to people.”

Find out more at CaHula’s website or via her facebook page


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