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A new government scheme offering 30 hours free childcare for 3 and 4 year olds, starts this September. To take advantage of the scheme this term, you’ll need to check if you’re eligible by 31 August. So don’t delay, go to the Childcare Service website.

If you need help finding and paying for childcare but not sure where to start, Islington’s Family Information Service can help you find local childcare provision and work out if you’re eligible for any help with paying for childcare and early education.

There are a number of schemes to help with childcare costs. Not only will this help your household budget, but you will see huge benefits for your child.

2 years
You are eligible for free 15 hours’ childcare and early education for 2 year olds if you are out of work, in work but earning less than £16,190 per year, or if your child has special educational needs, is looked after or adopted. Recent data from Islington schools shows that by the time children who take up their free place finish Reception, they are 6 percentage points ahead of children who didn’t take up their place.

3 and 4 years
All 3- and 4-year-olds get 15 hours a week free early education at a nursery or with a registered childminder. From September, some working parents will be able to get an additional 15 hours free (30 hours per week in total).

Tax-free childcare
If you are working and paying for childcare (for children up to the age of 12, or 17 if a disabled child), you could be eligible for a new tax-free childcare scheme. For every £8 you pay into your childcare account, the government will pay in an extra £2, up to £2,000 per year, per child (£4,000 for children with disabilities). Find out more about this scheme and how to apply

Call the Family Information Service on 020 7527 5959 or find information about Paying for Childcare online.


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