Easing out of lockdown

Jesse Ashman wearing a blue shirt looking at the camera

Now the stay-at-home restrictions have been lifted, many of us are starting to plan how we can safely see our friends and loved ones outdoors. For others, coming out of lockdown may feel strange or even difficult.

We’ve taken the opportunity to speak to people who live and work in Islington to find out what their plans are and how they feel now restrictions are starting to ease.

Jesse Ashman is an advisor at Cripplegate and part of their Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Working Group. He spoke to us about his concerns and how he still wants to feel safe at work “Many people who have Covid have no symptoms, so you can never really tell if you’re currently contagious. Every day I am working I might be unknowingly able to pass on this deadly disease to the people I am supporting.

“Everyone who doesn’t wear a mask indoors when they are able to, finds loopholes in the rules or gathers in large groups, puts other people at risk and will never see the lives they cost.

Covid-19 vaccines have been tested and are safe and effective, but it is still important to follow the guidance and attend your second appointment. Losing his grandmother to Covid, Jesse has a warning for all of us, “You aren’t fully protected until weeks after you’ve had your second vaccine dose, my grandmother died from Covid with her vaccine card from her first dose still in her purse. We cannot get complacent when we’re so close to actually being able to end lockdown safely.”

The beginning of this year hasn’t been easy and it’s the efforts of everyone in Islington that have helped us to get here. If you’ve been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, support is available through the We are Islington helpline on 020 7527 8222.

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