Fitness goals for 2018

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Are you ready to begin your New Year’s resolution by improving your health and lifestyle for 2018?

Rebalance is a free 12-week Adult Weight Management Programme which intends to help you lose weight, build up your confidence and take control of your lifestyle.

Get involved

Rebalance gets you engaged in physical activity programmes such as gym, group exercise classes and water aerobics. You also have the privilege to attend the nutritional sessions where advice about healthy eating is offered. It’s facilitated at a range of local leisure and community centres across both boroughs of Camden and Islington.

How does it work?

At first you will be scheduled in for a one-to-one welcome meeting with a Health Instructor at one of the participating centres in Camden or Islington. At this meeting we will gather some information about you, discuss your goals and tailor a workout programme for you to follow for the next 12-weeks. You will then decide your start date and determine the nearest locations to you for the activities and sessions.

Great support

Merlin who lives in Angel Islington, completed the programme in spring 2017 said “When I started Rebalance at retirement age I was heavily overweight, had difficulty walking without a limp because of arthritis in my left hip and I had high blood pressure. When my doctor persuaded me to take blood pressure tablets I asked her how she could help me to lose weight and get fit. She signed me up for Rebalance there and then via her PC. I really enjoyed the program despite not being a fitness for sporting person. And great support from the Rebalance staff and fellow attendees, and seeing early benefits, was really helpful in staying committed through to the end.”

After 12 weeks I had lost 14 kilos in weight, was walking normally and my blood pressure was lower. The decision to take up gym membership was a no-brainer. Six months later I still enjoy going to the gym, especially how I feel after the session ends. My experience of Rebalance is that it’s an innovative program that gives participants more control of their own health. They are less likely to take up valuable National Health Service resources and I feel certain that this more than offsets the cost of access to gyms. I feel really grateful for the help I have had, and I’d love to see the programme extended to help more people.”

Apply now

You must be over 18, a resident of Camden or Islington and be of a certain BMI to join the programme.

Full eligibility criteria and be viewed on the Camden website.

You can either refer yourself to Rebalance online through the self-referral form or ask your GP for a referral.

Post-completion of the programme, you are rewarded with a reduced gym membership at any “Better” leisure Centers in Camden or Islington.

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