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We all love food! After all, we can’t live without it. But sometimes, good food goes to waste – when it could be being turned into electricity or compost, just by recycling it.

We think it’s about time food got the respect it deserves: eat healthy, reduce your food waste and recycle what’s left.

Eat healthy
Eating healthier foods gives us a double-whammy – like going to the gym and taking out the recycling at the same time. Whether it’s bulking up our food with veg and pulses, or doing meat-free Mondays – everybody wins.

Put your shopping bill on ice
We’ve all been there – looking in the fridge to discover some tasty food has gone off. It doesn’t have to be that way! Simple changes can help.

Swap some fresh fruit and veg for frozen or canned – they’re high in nutrients, convenient and last ages. Freeze those last slices of bread for toast or croutons and save them from going stale. So much hard work goes into growing and producing our food. Let’s champion every bite, save money and love our food back.

From bananas to batteries
When you throw out food with your general waste it either goes to landfill or gets burnt. Both aren’t good for the environment. But luckily, there’s a different way.

Use your food caddy, and instead of rotting and creating methane, your food waste will be reborn as compost or electricity. So whether it’s tea bags, coffee grounds, potato peelings or banana skins, every last bit of food waste belongs in your caddy. Recycling has never been this a-peel-ing.

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