Free school meals

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Did you know Islington Council is one of just a few councils in London to provide free school meals to all nursery and primary school children in the borough? If your child in Year 3 or above at an Islington school, good news, they can still get free school meals! But you need to register on these web pages.

Marjon Williers is the council’s dietician for schools and early years. She assesses Islington’s school menus to make sure they’re balanced and healthy.

Marjon says: “Part of my job is to check that school menus have enough fresh fruit and vegetables and don’t include any unnecessary additives. New menus are available every term so there is lots of variety.”

But Marjon’s job is much more than making sure school children are offered healthy, balanced meals. She also advises schools on subjects like food allergies, diabetes, drinking water provision and even trains lunchtime supervisors and breakfast club co-ordinators.

Find out more information about Islington’s free school meals on the council website.

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