Fresh Start through the London Living Wage

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At the age of 37, Nikola became an Energy Advisory apprentice for the council. As a mother of two, she wanted to pursue new career opportunities, continue to provide for her children, and be an active member in the borough she grew up in.

She was paid the London Living Wage during her apprenticeship and said: “Receiving the [London] Living Wage was very good, not only was I in education and gained my business admin qualification and energy efficiency level 3, I was getting paid at the same time.

“I have two young girls and to show them that I can do that and earn a decent wage was good to experience as a mum.”

More than one year on, Nikola has finished her apprenticeship and is now an Energy Adviser at SHINE, the council’s fuel poverty referral network and free energy advice service for residents. She mentors other apprentices and also volunteers to support vulnerable people in Islington.

“I’ve always wanted to help people. I got to a point in my life and I was like – is this going to happen as I’ve got children now? But when the apprenticeship came up, it was like it was meant to be and it was another chance.”

Islington Council is celebrating London Living Wage week as an accredited employer.

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