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Islington in Bloom has opened so get growing! You don’t have to have a garden to enter the competition, there are categories for window boxes, tree pits and communal spaces.

Here are some tips on how you can create an eye-catching display.

If planting in pots or containers, make sure there are plenty of drainage holes in the bottom to prevent water logging.

Use peat-free, multipurpose or potting compost and add some slow release feed granules.

Water retaining granules are good for hanging baskets.

Use a variety of plants that will provide different colours, textures and sizes. For hanging baskets and planters, include some trailing plants to cascade down the sides.

For sunny areas try Geraniums, Lobelia, Verbena and Petunias. Choose fuchsias, petunias and New Guinea Busy Lizzies where there’s some shade.

Place out your plants before planting to ensure you are happy with your design.

Water regularly to prevent drying out. A quick test is to stick your finger into the compost.

Islington in Bloom is not just about having lots of bright flowers, judges will look to see that plants are suited to their location and are providing a habitat for birds and wildlife.

Maybe also think about making compost, planting fruit or vegetables in your displays, providing bug hotels, wood piles or bird boxes and maybe a small water feature or pond to make your display more interesting.

For more information and how to enter Islington In Bloom 

See the full list of sponsors for this year’s competition

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