Giving swifts a home

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Spring is a time when swifts return to the UK. You can see these medium-sized birds from April to September, although they are now endangered in London due to a loss of habitat and nesting sites.

Dover Court, in the east of Islington, is one of the few sites left home to these birds. Efforts are being made to protect and create new nesting sites, as part of works to build 70 new homes on the estate.

Swift nest bricks are being installed in one of the taller blocks to provide a nesting site for a pair of swifts within the external wall. It is believed to be the first time these innovative bricks have been fitted in Islington.

Islington Council is also due to install external nesting boxes for swifts at Tufnell Park Playing Fields and Rosemary Gardens in 2018, and it is hoped that these efforts will help prevent any further decline of this popular bird.

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