Helping vulnerable residents stay warm

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Helping vulnerable residents is a key council priority and during the cold winter months helping them to keep warm is an essential part of this. On Energy, Islington Council’s Energy Services, has just helped a vulnerable resident have a brand new boiler installed in his home using ECO Flex funding.

Mr K has been known to the On Energy service for many years and suffers from multiple health conditions that are worsened by the cold. His boiler had not been replaced since he bought the lease on his flat and was not working properly. As he has small private pension he has not qualified for any previous boiler replacement schemes.

As Ashwin, a SHINE (part of On Energy) officer, explains: “Mr K came to On Energy for help as he had problems with his heating system and had been advised by a heating engineer to get a new boiler.

“As Mr K is a pensioner on a low income it would have been very difficult for him to purchase a new boiler. If his boiler had broken down he would have been more vulnerable to the cold.

“ECO-flex allowed us to fully fund a new condensing energy efficient boiler which will not only reduce the risk of the boiler break downs, but help to bring down Mr K’s gas bills.”

Energy Company Obligation (ECO Flex) funding is available from energy suppliers to help make energy saving improvements to properties in Islington. It allows local authorities to identify households that would benefit from energy efficiency improvements and which were missing on previous funding criteria’s based on means-rested benefits. In Islington it is run by On Energy is partnership with EDF Energy, with this installation being completed by Aran Energy Services.

If you own your house or live in private rented accommodation, you might be qualify for free loft or cavity insulation, or even have your gas boiler replaced. Call 0800 953 1221 (FREEPHONE) or 0207 527 2121 to check if you are eligible for ECO Flex.

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