Housing in Islington – did you know?

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As July 2019 marks 100 years since the Housing Act, which paved the way for large scale social housing, we thought we would round-up some of the most interesting and surprising facts that you may not know about housing in the borough! There is a long history of public housing in Islington, which continues today. By 2022, Islington Council will have built more than 550 new council homes – this is part of the biggest scheme to build new council homes in Islington for a generation. 

It’s all in the numbers: did you know that over 30 house-building schemes have been completed in the borough since 2010? This makes Islington one of the most active boroughs in terms of house-building!  

A long history of housing: Did you know that Wedmore Estate dates all the way back to 1904! That makes the estate the oldest built-to-let estate in the borough. Our friends at Islington Museum dug out the picture below – it’s changed quite a lot in the last 115 years… 

Sharing the costs: Councils get very little government funding for building new council homes, we fund most of the costs ourselves. This means that to build council homes we have to sell some of the homes we build to pay for each scheme. 

There’s no putting a halt on housing: Halton Mansions (Halton Road) was the first state-funded scheme to be built by Islington Council, and the architect (E. Monson) is the very same who designed the Town Hall and Tyndale Mansions.  

In the middle of a chain reaction: When a family move into a new council home, a “chain of lettings” opens upallowing several families to move into more suitable housing. Watch our video interviews with local residents 

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