How Simona creates a difference!

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Creative activities are a brilliant way to bring people together, develop new skills and even help improve your job prospects. As part of Islington’s bid to be the 2019 London Borough of Culture, we are on the lookout for local people like Simona, who are up for sharing their talents with others. We can give you support and possibly even funding to get you’re your ideas off the ground!

Simona has been working in Islington for 15 years and runs a dance company for the over 55s. “My pupils want to dance, to perform, and to share what they are learning, they do this by working as a team. That to me is absolutely wonderful,” she says.

Everyone benefits from Simona’s dance company. Simona herself has made this her career and says she has grown and been inspired throughout the process. Her dancers have also benefitted hugely. The company is social and many friendships have been made. It has also taught the dancers new skills and many of them have started teaching and running workshops for older people who are less able to get out and about.

We would love to hear from more people like Simona. If you – or someone you know – could create a difference please click here.

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