If you go down to the woods…

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Living in a big city doesn’t mean children can’t experience nature, as Archway Children’s Centre proves. For the past five years all children in its preschool class have participated in a Forest School programme, spending two hours a week in nearby woods.

They take part in different activities, like building dens and creating clay sculptures and the experience helps build their confidence, independence, social and communication skills as well as their physical ability and stamina.


Charlotte Pearson, a teacher at the centre, says: “Most children are fascinated by the natural world. Though the location is the same, the world around them is constantly changing. The excitement of finding that the pond has frozen over or noticing two squirrels playing in the trees leads to lots of talk, building communication skills.

“Taking part in activities together, for example helping each other up the slippery slope also develops children’s ability to work cooperatively with others.”

Archway Children’s Centre has also designed its nursery garden to be as wild as possible. Children have loads of opportunities to explore nature in the mud kitchen or using woodwork tools.

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