Islington under pressure

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Islington Council provides numerous services for more than 200,000 residents – from keeping the streets clean to caring for the borough’s elderly residents, providing opportunities to learn new skills, to caring for Islington’s foster children. And many more, of course.

Alongside this, the council works with partners and voluntary organisations to ensure that Islington continues to be a vibrant, diverse and safe borough.

Over the past ten years, national government has cut the level of funding it provides to local councils. By 2020, it will have cut its core funding to Islington Council by 70 per cent.

Demand for council services is changing. Some services, such as looking after the borough’s older residents, face increasing demand as people are living longer and often need specialist support to ensure their quality of life. More recently, the demand for children’s services has increased dramatically too. Despite this, the council is committed to protecting services to the public and will continue to manage the increasing financial pressure from our children in care services.

In Islington, unlike in other areas, the council has not closed any libraries, leisure centres or swimming pools, for example.

How you can help

Volunteer – There are many voluntary organisations in Islington and they play a crucial role within the community. Each relies on the help of local people to support those in need. If you could give up some of your spare time, visit Voluntary Action Islington to get involved in the local community.

Recycle – It costs £80 per tonne to send rubbish to landfill but only £15 per tonne to recycle it. It’s much better for the environment too.

Go Online – An online transaction costs the council roughly 32p to process, compared to £7.40 in person. Our website provides a quick way for residents to do things online, such as reporting faults or paying bills. Set up your My eAccount today!

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