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Mariah Mathew is the Director of Little Wing Festival, an independent film festival hoping to provide a creative space for first-time filmmakers. Here, she writes about the inspiration behind the new festival and what it can offer to young filmmakers.

“I started Little Wing because I was frustrated. I was, and still am, a young creative trying to get my foot in the door, and the expectation of working unpaid in the creative industries is unsustainable, particularly living in London. My aim with the festival was to be able to create a space for first-time filmmakers to be rewarded in more ways than “exposure”.

“For the very first time, the festival will be at The Hen and Chickens Theatre in Islington. I’ve lived in or around Islington since I moved to London, and I wouldn’t have wanted to host it anywhere else.  The area and the people here have been a huge influence for me in fostering my creativity, so I’d like it to encourage the same in others.

The weekend long festival will showcase a range of feature films and shorts, touching on themes from identity and purpose, to youth struggles, and feminist issues.

“These films are mediums for the voices of a new generation of filmmakers, and it’s been really interesting hearing what they have to say”, says Mariah.

“We’re also running a filmmaking workshop for budding filmmakers that focuses on tips and tricks for those of us working on a micro-budget. We wanted to create a space of collaboration and support, which keeps in theme with our overarching ethos of fostering opportunities and growth.

“This is my first attempt to put a festival together and, so far, amidst my many breakdowns and calls to my mum, it’s come together well. So many company sponsors jumped on board because they understood the struggle we were trying to combat, it was very validating and I’m so grateful. We had an overwhelming response from young filmmakers from over 30 countries, who understood the struggle of getting their work rewarded and as such we’ve got some incredible films in the line-up.

“Whether it’s attending this year’s festival, or getting involved with our plans for the future, I’d love to see the local community jumping on board to support these filmmakers. Doing so will allow for future growth of the festival and create more opportunities. Hopefully it will be something of an example to larger companies and events; if a small festival like this can give something back to the artist, they certainly can.”

Little Wing Festival takes place on 1-3 September, at The Hen and Chickens Theatre.

Screening prices are £6 per film and the filmmaking workshop is £15.

More information is available on their website.

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