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Meet Islington’s latest Bright Start Parent Champions, a group of mums and dads helping other parents with young children discover services, support and activities available in children’s centres and community venues across the borough.

Parent Champions are specially trained parent volunteers who give two to three hours a week to talk to other parents with children under five about what’s on offer and to encourage them to try out new activities with their children.

They also provide information on things like free early learning for two, three and four year olds in Islington and spread the word about healthy lifestyles. Parent Champions speak a variety of community languages.

The scheme started last year and this is the second group to complete the eight week training and officially start the role.


‘Being a parent of four children, I thought it would be nice to tell other parents about what’s available. I wanted to be able to help others,’ said Nadena a mum from Holloway.

The scheme is registered with the Coram Family and Childcare Trust and the National Parent Champions Network and volunteers can gain a level 1 qualification in volunteering, something that appealed to Nadena who wants to become a Family Support Worker.

Jerry (right)

Jerry, a dad of four children from Highbury, joined the programme because he wanted to help more fathers. He said: ‘I wanted to reach other fathers because dads can feel excluded or think that what is available is just for mums, and that’s not the case.’

Meanwhile, mum of twins Zoe from Tufnell Park said: ‘I benefited from the services at Bright Start and I wanted to learn more so I could help other people access services and get the support that’s available to them.’


When you are next in a children’s centre or a community venue, look out for Islington’s Parent Champions and say hello!

And if you would like to tell us what you think of Bright Start services and want to get involved, just ask any member of staff.

For more information

You can find out more about Islington’s Bright Start services for children under five and their families and watch our new Bright Start film here.

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